View from my front porch.View from my front porch.




Thanks to all of my German readers for making 

Voices in the Night a Bestseller.


          Published by Berkley Books under the Title All the Truth


     Emma was smoothing a blanket across her daughter's shoulders when she first heard the voices. They rose in quiet syllables from the open window, long vowel sounds combined with the rolling consonance of her backyard creek. Occasionally a girl's high laugh punctuated the lower tones, then all fell silent.....

    When three college students stray from a party onto the rural property of their former professor, a casual encounter devolves into a violent confrontation.  Nine years later three of the characters present on that night must unravel the truth about what happened and come to terms with its aftermath.

    "Brodie writes with haunting insight about that moment when the world batters down the family door.... she takes an unflinching yet wise and tender look at contemporary society and the desperate need each of us has to solve the mysteries of who we are and what we mean to each other....All The Truth is a poignant, beautifully realized novel which I couldn't stop reading--"      Jonis Agee, author of The River Wife and Sweet Eyes


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